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How I’m Helping “Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” Sufferers From…Pain, Misery, And A Life –Long Dependency on Drugs, without Risky Surgery!

Dear Friend:

Would you like to return to pain-free living without having to resort to harmful drugs or surgery? Are you afraid that a steady diet of drugs is your only option and feel skeptical about anything else that claims to work?

If you answered “yes,” then you must read this because it was written for you, the skeptical Fibromyalgia sufferer.

Are you worried about your future?

Many people are forced to quit their jobs because of Fibromyalgia and sadly, business owners have LOST their business because of this LIFE-CHANGING condition.

Here’s Why Most Fibromyalgia Pain Never Goes Away…

1. Drugs Don’t Fix The Cause of Most Pain, They Only Temporarily Hide it!
2. Many patients are “written off” as being hopeless (because they are Misdiagnosed And Mistreated?).
3. Most Exercise programs are worthless IF your body is out of balance – it can make things worse! (I’m all for exercise, when appropriately done.)
4. While nutritional treatments do help some people, they don’t correct structural/neurological imbalance in the body.

I’m committed to reducing your pain in the shortest amount of time possible – without drugs or surgery. Please allow me a moment to share with you some of the benefits of the Redford Chiropractic – Fibromyalgia Solution Center.

Here Are Many Benefits of Our Patient Services:

• You can get REAL health improvement as opposed to drug-induced “illusion” of health
• Restored ability to do the things you’ve been missing out on: playing with your kids, exercise, work, etc.
• Improved relationships with your spouse and family – they’ll finally understand your condition; you’ll get scientific proof that YOU can actually see and understand. You’ll actually see the problem and see the solution too. Plus, your FAMILY will be able to actually SEE the source of your pain…nobody will think it’s “all in your head” anymore with visual scientific proof and detailed explanation of your condition
• You’ll get advice and encouragement for healthier living – long term health care solutions.
• Get out of the crazy “loop” of nothing but drug treatments – no drug side effects!
• You get a one-on-one Recommended Action Plan from the doctor for your condition.
• No medical “mumbo jumbo” and “runaround” – I speak plain English – just the facts. You’ll never be “in the dark” about your condition or treatment.
• You’ll actually get ANSWERS to your questions – no “talking down to you” attitude
• I give options not “orders” – you decide what you want to do
• A 100% scientific approach, with pre and post treatment testing that YOU can see, feel, and understand.

By law and ethical standards, doctors cannot guarantee result. But I CAN guarantee you this: If you are ever unhappy, for any reason whatsoever with the level of care, service, kindness or attention on a visit to my office…ANYTHING: That visit is FREE.

If you’d like to learn more just give our office a call and one of our staff will set you up for a FREE Fibromyalgia/Brain Stem Compression Syndrome Evaluation.

Your Fibromyalgia/Brain Stem Compression Syndrome Evaluation Will Include…
1. Fibromyalgia Severity Evaluation. This is also an opportunity for me to have a thorough understanding of your condition and what you’ve been going through.
2. Surface EMG Testing - Our office is one of the few, that has this computerized electromyography instrument. This is an important test. This quick and painless procedure determines if there’s abnormal function of the muscles caused by the Brain Stem Compression Syndrome.

If I determine through our screening procedures that you have Brain Stem Compression Syndrome contributing to your Fibromyalgia, and I think you’re a good candidate for our structural specific chiropractic care, I will make the appropriate recommendations. It will be up to you to tell me what you wish to do…since my practice is very busy; I provide these evaluations by appointment only.

I assure you that there will be NO PRESSURE or obligation of any kind. That’s a PROMISE! If you’re interested – great! I can help. If not, that’s okay too. I’m interested in the people who want my help, and ask me for it.

You have nothing to lose…except your pain!

If you have any questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment for a FREE Brain Stem Compression Syndrome evaluation, call our office at (313) 387-8122.

Kim M. Zell, D.C.
24865 5 Mile Rd, Suite 3; Redford, MI 48239
(313) 387-8122 / (313) 531-2800

E-mail: drkim@redfordchiropractic.com
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