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“Discover How This New Unique Procedure Has Been Shown To Quickly And EasilyResolves 86% of Back Pain And The Breakthrough Medical Technology That’s Bringing It To YOU!”

Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

There is a very good reason why thousands of former back pain sufferers are calling non-surgical spinal decompression the “eighth wonder of the world.”

This amazing new medical breakthrough, is responsible for cracking the back pain code for thousands of FORMER pain sufferers. Many previously tried everything and were thought to be hopeless cases. So many that were told – “We’ve done all we can do for you, you’re just going to have to live with the pain,” are now pain free.

Imagine living the rest of your life pain free.
Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with your back pain GONE.
Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could just be pain free… once and for all!

Countless failed back surgery patients have finally found relief after surgery made them worse. With this new technology, it’s obvious they may have never needed surgery in the first place.

Clinical studies have shown non-surgical spinal decompression to be successful (good or excellent relief) in 86% of patients with herniated discs and degenerative joint disease – without the side effects.

The most amazing thing is:
One study also showed a 90% reduction in disc herniations in 71.4% of patients. Herniated discs were thought to be just about untreatable without surgery before the introduction of this incredible new technology.

Even better, treatment with this space-age non-surgical technology is pain-less, drugless and there are no documented side effects. And best of all…Results are much better.

The Triton 550 has been approved by “The Food and Drug Administration”…You’ve gotten to know them as the “FDA”.The main conditions the decompression has documented success with are: back pain, sciatica, herniated and or bulging discs (single or multiple), degenerative disc disease or relapse or failure following surgery.

A very important note: The spinal decompression has been successful with even the most severe cases… even when NOTHING else has worked. Even after failed surgery.But if you want to give my system and the Triton 550 a try (as long as you qualify and I have an opening) you can take it for a test spin without risking a single penny!

How Would You Like To Check Out This Amazing New Technology And See If You Qualify For Treatment… Absolutely Free?

Call today and get your FREE spinal decompression evaluation ($125 value).NO COST OR OBLIGATION! (313) 387-8122

Dr. Kim M. Zell

Spinal Decompression

Safe and effective, non-surgical relief from nagging neck or back pain.

Spinal Decompression is an alternative medical technology designed to help relieve your cervical (neck) or lumbar (low-back) pain. Clinical studies of Spinal Decompression – also referred to as non-surgical spinal decompression therapy – are reporting that more than 70% of patients show significant reduction of pain. A percentage reports the elimination of pain. Thousands of people across the country are enjoying the benefits of this treatment. We’re eager to help you learn if you too are a candidate for this treatment method.

Spinal Decompression is a safe and effective treatment for pain without the risks associated with surgery, anesthesia, infection, injections, or prescription medication. As you might imagine, this procedure is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its exceptional results in treating chronic back pain without surgery.

Our procedures use FDA-approved equipment only. Simply described, this method of treatment uses a therapeutic table that is connected to a computer, to electronically distract and decompress your spinal structures. You rest on the table while a padded harness focuses the gentle distractive force along your spinal column. This decompresses your spine – specifically the intervertebral discs and joints and stretches your spinal muscles – the three structures that produce most of your pain.

Prior to beginning treatments, we evaluate you to determine if you are a candidate. Your medical history, x-rays, CT/MRI scans are carefully reviewed. If you are a candidate for care, an individual treatment plan is created for your specific needs. A typical plan may be as few as 15-20 treatments – and thus the full healing process – even if you start to feel improvement early on. It is not uncommon to experience a significant reduction of pain early in your treatments.

At the beginning of each session, you are fitted with a comfortable harness designed to offer optimal decompression. You are fully dressed, and a specially trained technician will make sure that you are properly positioned for comfort, safety and effectiveness. The computer is programmed in accordance with your specific treatment plan, and your session commences. Additionally you are in complete control and can shut down the treatment at any time if discomfort should occur.

During each session, you experience multiple cycles of distraction/relaxation, which may take 15-20 minutes. The equipment is designed to apply precisely controlled tension along the axis of our spinal column, creating decompression of the intervertebral discs. The process is fully automated and administered by a computer, which in turn is monitored by an attending technician.

During the distraction cycle, you may feel some relief of the pressure in the area where your pain exists. During this time, your body is responding by flooding the area with valuable oxygen, blood and nutrients that help promote your body’s natural healing process.

Your treatment sessions are typically both comfortable and relaxing. At the end of your session, you’re ready to head home!

Schedule your initial exam today and find out if you’re a candidate

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Spinal Decompression Experiences

“Have been diagnosed with ruptured discs in my lower spine, I was in constant pain. A renowned surgeon stated that my only recourse was to have back surgery to correct the condition. He sent me home with a prescription for pain medicine and told me to let him know when I was ready for the surgery. I made an appointment for a free consultation on spinal decompression and began treatment with almost instant results. To say the least, this treatment gave me back my life; as I was contemplating having to give up my job. What a blessing!” E.M.

“Just wanted to let you know what decompression has done for me. When I first decided to go, I thought, ‘can’t hurt – worth trying’ and it certainly has been. My back was hurting all the time, and now after a few treatments I am free of pain. This is so much better than surgery.” E.C.

“I have experienced serious back problems for more years than I care to remember. I have been under the care of a chiropractor for 15 years-plus, sometimes requiring adjustments as many as 3 times per week to be able to function. It was recently confirmed through an MRI that I have 4 bulging discs in my lower back as well as stenosis of the central canal. Just a few days after being diagnosed on ad was in the paper describing a new procedure. I have had four treatments and the results are unbelievable!!! I can actually get out of bed in the morning PAINFREE, something I had not experienced for years and something I did not expect to be able to do without surgery. I’m sold!” L.S.

“I am 38 years old. I have been an active person all my life. This summer, I was landscaping around my home when I experienced lower back pain. In the past, I would see my massage therapist for those hurting muscles and I would be right back to my work and play. This time, the pain was running down my left leg and into my foot. The pain was causing me to miss work. I went to my M.D. and he prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers. That was all he could do for me. The disc in my lower back was putting pressure on the nerve, causing pain and numbness in my left foot. I started the decompression treatment plan and I was back on my feet in three days and back to work the following week. I continue to follow the treatment plan and I have been growing stronger. In the next month, I expect to have full use of my back, with no more pain. It has been a great experience and I would refer decompression to my family and friends.” D.H.

“My lower back in degenerative and has became increasingly more debilitating to the point where it produced pain in my leg and affected the way I walked, (like an old lady). I was ready to accept this condition as an inevitable part of the aging process. Finally I did seek medical treatment options from an orthopedic surgeon. I was told about options ranging from physical therapy and injections to possible surgery. I have been receiving decompression and strengthening exercises for several weeks now. The results have been nothing short of amazing. The treatments are totally relaxing and the strengthening component produces a feeling of well-being. It makes sense – and the results indicate that the body can restore itself with non-invasive methods.” S.G.

“I am a 55 year old man, who has been suffering with lower back pain for approximately 10 years. I have been to medical doctors who offered drugs, physical therapy and cortisone shots to alleviate the pain in my spine. These methods helped for a very short time (a couple of days in most instances), but the pain returned. I have been to the chiropractor for adjustments and have even tried acupuncture. Again, the pain returned. The pain was so bad that when I coughed, it would bring tears to my eyes and I would go to my knees, I had to hold onto something to prevent this from happening. My place of employment had me on disability because I could no longer function. One month after starting decompression, I am back at work and have full strength in my back. It’s a pleasure not to be experiencing pain. Thank you.” L.W.

Kim M. Zell, D.C.
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(313) 387-8122 / (313) 531-2800

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